Edinburgh City Council ruin shoot

First of a big thank you to Edinburgh City Council and their inept bin lorry driver for wrecking my car. You'll never know the hassle this caused. There are many words I would like to describe your driver with, most of which are prefixed with a swear word. Thanks you useless ar$e.

Anyway back to the photography, I hadn't been out much save for the odd trip to find a few locations, some of which i'll be using early next year. I'd run a few courses recently and I think that they went well, initially planned as about half day sessions, they ran into full day workshops. Thanks to all who have turned up, I could see massive improvement in all and I hope to see some of your images soon. I had spent an over night on Stob Coire nan Lochan and it was a good chance to put some of the winter gear to the test, particularly the winter sleeping mat, which if i'm honest made a massive difference to comfort and warmth. Reckon it might be used in the summer too!

Early October brought early snow showers to the highlands and I was lucky to be up in the highlands when they kicked off. It was the first time I'd seen snow this early since 2010.

Next up, weather permitting it'll be back to Glencoe to get the shot that Edinburgh Council ruined for me. :(

First snow on Stob Coire Sgreamach - Bidian's neighbour