Where is winter?

Every year winter in Scotland seems to get later, early indications were for good winter conditions as far back as early October. This seemed to fade by November and the odd flurry of winter conditions popped up and then vanished as quickly. Is this global warming? Winter arriving later? Whatever it is, it's really annoying. I love winter. I like the sunrise over winter summits. the dark coastal storms fragmented with light and fleeting colour. I like the early sunsets, the hiss your boots make when you walk through a fresh coating of frost. The quiet highland roads and the ice clad waterfalls.

Does it compare to summer? No, it could never do that, not in my mind anyway. It's always been a time of year I enjoy. In winter I could always get a few extra hours in bed before heading up north. In summer I usually leave the night before. Bitey insects? not in winter.

Busy roads, nope! I sound like I'm making a case for winter...I am; and why? I hear people in Scotland moaning about winter, it's Scotland it's north. Of course it's cold, wet, snowy, windy and often icy. But sometimes you get that one in one hundred where the weather is perfect and winter is more alive than any summer day could ever be.

Late winter light over the slopes of Beinn Dorain