The Summer continues

It's a big event now, Scotland has had a real summer for months. With this in mind I'll hopefully be up shooting in the Torridon area between the 2nd August & 4th August, This area is a fantastic location for both landscape and wildlife. It's a long drive though. From Edinburgh it's around five hours, so if you plan to do it arrange a few stops along the way, it'll make the drive easier.

I've not been out for a few weeks and this has given me a chance to catch up on the images I've picked up over the last few months. On my last summit shoot I discovered that midgies aren't the only bitey things that'll bother you in the highlands. The horse fly (cleggs) lack the finesse of midgies and when they bite you know. These lovely creatures were out in force, meanwhile the midgies had skulked away...for now at least!!

Glencoe's Bidian nam Bian in B&W