The Imitation game

So Nikon and Canon turn up to the mirrorless party, like a pair of unpopular guests bringing over priced wine and drinking it themselves. While taking the time to back slap each other at their ability to innovate. Latest news guys, you are years behind now, years! You waited to see what Fuji, Sony and Olympus would do in the market and by the time you got your shit together it was too late. Read that back! You are too late. You have lost the market. Sony owns the full frame and mirrorless market. The other two are coming up close. You guys released your offerings and to be honest they look good. If a little over priced? Ok a lot over priced. So after bleating on about SLRs for so long and telling everyone who would listen that they won't be replaced. You've taken the first steps on a long road to doing just that. Cameras and photography moves on. You both need to do just that. For years it was only really a two horse race, now though it's a different landscape and your both catching up. I hope you both do, and maybe throw a bit recognition to those that did move forward.

So where's this going and what's this all about? Well for the last few years SLR users tended to deride those using mirrorless as if to suggest that somehow their images were better just because they used an SLR? Utter nonsense, now we're seeing pro's and semi-pro's alike moving away from the clunky lumps. To something a little more refined, with a lot more flexibility. They work for me as I work mainly in remote and mountainous locations, I also use an SLR though, for me though the size and weight matter. I can only carry so much; and to be honest I've never seen so much as a pixel out of places when matched images against a standard SLR. If anything the images a

Mirrorless or SLR?

re a little cleaner. That might just be me looking too closely at nothing. At the end of the day though it comes down to what you are happy with. Some will never move on, that's cool. There are some still using film and developing their images. It's just good to see everyone reading from the same innovating page for once. Even if their offerings are overpriced, limited lens line up and so on. Photographic writers! Just in case you missed it that last line is just for you!