Summer in the Mamores?

Updated: Aug 20, 2018

Having shot several times in and around the eastern Mamores, summits like Sgur Eilhde Mor & Binnien Beag. What could possibly go wrong. It's summer after all? Well in Scotland summer doesn't always (never) happen. This time i was accompanied by Poland's mountain man and high altitude chef and Canadian film maker Ryan Armstrong. Who was working on a short film around the highlands. We headed up to a place i'd been before several times for overnight stays and I reckoned it would be great for filming. In true Scottish form the weather had been great for weeks. Right up to the point we headed up towards our destination and then it rained, rained and rained some more. We were soaked and we were wearing waterproof gear? If I was being honest a great trip, crossing rivers, traversing rough routes and navigating bog! We got to our base camp and were given a respite from rain from the mountain gods. Just long enough to get the tents up and get a little bit drier. We caught a bit of sleep and woke to sun? Pulling on our mildly damp clothes we headed up to take a summit before sunset. Sunset never actually happened but we did get some footage and a few decent shots. I set the alarm for the next morning, only half hoping the weather would be good enough to take Binnien Mor before sunrise, at 3.00 a.m the alarm buzzed to life and I dragged myself round and to the front of the tent. Looking out I was met with clear skies, I sparked to life grabbing clothes and camera gear. I headed up to Binnien Mor, moving quickly over the lower slopes. I'd timed the ascent at around one hour 30 mins, Every minute counts when you race against light. I made it. Just! Set the camera up and was met with some impressive light across the summits. For one brief, cold moment the light blazed over the summits, igniting each one like beacons stretching for miles in all directions. It was a moment in time, i needed to bring back. After yesterdays long and wet march into heart of the mountains, it was the prize that our persistence deserved. I shot a few more images before heading down and meeting Ryan, who was filming this amazing light too. I was glad he had made it, I had spent around 20 minutes trying to wake him earlier. The images from the trip will be in the latest work gallery soon. Thanks for reading :)

Sunrise over the Ring of Steall