Spring summits, overnight summit camps and the return of winter?

I didn't get round all the winter summits I'd planned to do, in Scotland there is always an issue with the weather. This often works in my favour, not just for the colourful light touching the summits but darker storm light, which for me is a favoured light source and by many sea scape photographers too. I had recently spent the night on the western summits of Beinn Eighe, hoping to get something around sunset. Early indications were good, if a little windy, annoyingly the wind got stronger and I found myself wedging myself among the rocks at sunset hoping that I might get something. I did, not really what I had in mind; but something at least. Surely that would do right? Wrong! The problem with photography, or what makes it so unusual is it's a journey without end. So I'll be back in October to reshoot. Spring has this freshness and vibrant fresh colour that other seasons don't have, this year I plan to capture more of that, not just from the summits either.

Spring light