Scotland's real summer continues...

Weeks of sunshine, are not words put together with Scotland. It's happened though, we've had weeks of great weather. And with great weather comes great irresponsibility, if you travel to the highlands between June and August you are going to be met with a lot of traffic. Expect it and plan for it, there are dozens of caravans and camper vans going in the same direction as you. They won't be driving at the same speed as you, so don't go nuts and try and overtake if it's not safe to do so. The other thing on the roads up there and there are even more of them than caravans...what are they? Motorbikes, or should I say rockets with people sitting on them. So be mindful of these bike, they are faster than your car. Doesn't matter what you drive. They are faster. Let them in, give them space. I watched as some arse in a BMW nearly took a biker out because he tried to close the gap on a breaking space. Needless to say the biker signalled what he thought. What's the bloody rush, your going through some the world's most amazing scenic locations, enjoy it a bit longer. I also noticed a number of crashed cars. More than i'd expect to see even in winter? This is in good weather conditions too. Anyway back to the photography, I was up in Glencoe area again this time to take a sunset view from the summit of Meall a Bhuridh. An overnight summit camp in conditions that were clear, no wind and so quiet I could hear the wings of the butterflies as they played around the summit cairn. I was after a sunset over the summits down Glencoe and I think I got what I wanted. I was looking to do something a bit more abstract, using only shape and colour. I'll be adding these shots and other new work soon. Take care and if you are heading up there drive carefully and consider others. You'll get there a lot less stressed. ;)

Sunset over Glencoe. Nowhere could be better on a night like this