Autumn Colour

Autumn is now in full swing in Scotland, with all the autumn colour in full effect and looking fantastic. I've found myself heading out to a few locations I'd identified earlier on in the year. These places didn't disappoint either, with some of my favourite shots this year taken in these locations.

That said with the first snows now hitting the summits in the highlands it's time to get the boots and warm gear ready. I've a few locations ready and it's now a case of waiting for a chance to get out and up. Glen Sheil will be first up, with an overnighter planned on the south ridge. With it's seven summits and outstanding view, I should get something. Following this it's back to Torridon and hopefully one of the shots I missed out the last time.

For winter summits, I'll be carrying heavier and more gear, not including the camera stuff, it's gonna be hard going. I usually up my fitness workouts now, and It does help a bit. That said there is no real gym training that captures the terrain, conditions and mental energy required to navigate there and back without issue.

These aren't complaints though, I love this time of the year. There is no question that this is best time of year to photograph any subject. The low angle of light all day makes this possible, so if your heading out pick a few locations, you should be well rewarded with images shot throughout the day. And remember to pack a warm layer and spare socks!

Highland autumn, a great time of the year to shoot woodland